Welcome to Maplewood Acres

Maplewood Acres Market Garden and Greenhouses

Our greenhouse and market garden business began in 1985.  At the present time we have 8,000 sq. ft. in greenhouse production and about 12 acres in vegetable production.  We are small compared to many greenhouse and market garden operations, but we feel that by being smaller we are able to control the quality of our greenhouse products as well as our vegetable products from our fields.

Our greenhouses are open on May 2 and stay open until mid July.

Hours are Monday to Saturday 10 to 8  Sunday 10 to 6 for May .We are closing the greenhouse on June 26 but if need product please call 7806084202 to check what we have left in stock.

We are known for the variety of plants that we offer.  For instance, we grow over 40 varieties of culinary herbs and over 40 varieties of heirloom and modern tomatoes.  Our tomatoes and herbs are grown without chemical fertilizers and the usual insecticides.  Instead we use organic fertilizers and control the pests with biological controls like ladybugs and aphidoletes to mention just a few.

As well, we offer many varieties of basket stuffers and hanging plants as well as hanging baskets and planters.  Check out our listing of the several varieties that we offer.

Geraniums, bedding plants in four paks, a wide selection of perennials and shrubs complete the selection at Maplewood Acres.  We love what we do and it shows.

Come and browse at a leisurely pace.  The greenhouses are located in a grove of Northwest poplar so you can find shade at and sit at our picnic tables or relax in our gazebo and just enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of a rural location.



Spring is a busy time at Maplewood Acres.  Besides the greenhouse we are planting our 12 acres of vegetables.  Again variety and organic produce is our goal.  Following are a few highlights of our garden production.

Potatoes – 12 varieties including French Fingerling potatoes, Agria, Yukon Gold, Bintje, Alberta Blush, Norland, Norkota (a Russet Potato) Shepody, Kennebec, Accord, Marilyn and Yellow Fingerling Potato.

Carrots – Nantes Carrots – Bolero and Ya Ya Variety

Check out the full  listing of vegetables.