please call or email any requests you may have     The following is a list of what we have available

Lily of the Valley

Rudbeckia      tall golden flowers brown centers bloom into fall

Lilies     –  Tiger varieties  –  yellow speckled

-orange speckled  Splendons

-dark pink    Hiawatha

Oriental varieties       -pink  Tabledance                                                       these ones very fragrant


-white pink speckled Extravaganza

Asiatic varieties      -mottled pink burgundy  Thesire

-white burgundy pot variety Tiny Padhye

Canadian Columbine         native to Alberta yellow /red flower

Milk weed         native to Alberta essential for attracting bees and butterflies back into the area

Daylily             – King George  yellow/burgundy

-Calico Jack-yellow fringed with burgundy

-Night Embers- double flower light burgundy fragrant

-Strawberry Candy-two toned peach color reblooming variety

Butterfly flower-        Hello Yellow  20 ” bright yellow unique flower  DEER RESISTANT

-otherwise known as milkweed  loved by Monarch butterflies

Scabiosa          Pincushion flower blue   20″ blooms all summer

Bergenia          unique waxy looking short plant with spike of pink flowers shade loving  DEER RESISTANT

Bleeding Hearts-       —-Old Fashioned Valentine variety

-Fern leaf Burning Hearts unique dark red heart shaped flowers on ferny plant

-Fern leaf King of Hearts-soft pink heart shaped flowers on ferny plant

Lupins           mixed colors

Cinnamon Ferns           -tall 3′ big fronds

Grasses             – Rain Dance—burgundy green with eventual long tassle

Ogdon  yellow green leaves very eye catching

Hostas           – Barbara Ann- green and cream variegated leaves

-Earth Angel- giant hosta green with cream border   24″ by 60 ”

-Liberty -giant hosta variety green with yellow border

-Justine – small hosta with narrower leaves bright gold with green margin

Garden peony-            Coral Charm soft coral double flower DEER RESISTANT

– Buckeye Belle   darkish red double flower

Heuchera – Midnite Rose  mottled rose /burgundy  DEER RESISTANT

-Autumn Leaves  very large leaves  bronze orange color






PERENNIALS IN 4 ” pots also AVAILABLE    $ 5.00 EACH


Shasta Daisy  – short version white

Hollyhocks- pink double

-black beauty

-red scarlet

Antennaria –  Pink Pussy Toes

Columbine –  Christa Barlow  rare purple yellow flower

Thrift –  blackish foliage bright pink flowers

Alpine pink asters

Gaillardia apricot

Sweet woodruff

Geum orange flower good cut flower

Maltese cross  tall reddish flower

Bee balm

Poppy   pink

Irish moss

Stonecrop -sedum red form

Hens and chicks bronze

Lambs Ears

Mediteranean thyme

Elfin thyme



FRUIT TREES                                                           Honeycrisp Apples            59.00

Red Sparkle apple

Pembina plum

Brookred plum


FRUIT BUSHES                                                      Smokey Saskatoon             12.00

Goji Berry                             24.00

Josta Berry                          11.00

Valiant grape                      14.00


TREES                                                                      Swedish Aspen                       59.00

Showy Mountain  Ash


Native larch  -22.00

Tower poplar-22.00

Mountain pine-12.00

Colorado spruce-11.00

Gumball spirea-11.00

Frobel Spirea-11.00

Gro-low Sumac-11.00

Amber Jubilee Ninebark-24.00

Invincibelle Spirit Hyydrangea -28.00

Fireball Burning Bush- 25.00