Vegetable Transplants

Celebrity-large  red fruit                                                            TOMATO VARIETIES FOR 2016-3.50 each

Roma-paste tomato

Mountain Merit-smaller red friut

Big  Beef-large red fruit

Subarctic-very early medium size fruit r

Tiny Tim- cherry  for pots red

Totem – large cherry for pots red

Sweet 100-cherry staking variety r

Mountain  Spring-medium sized red fruit

Lemon Boy-large yellow fruit

Tumbler – hanging red cherry

Better Boy – midsize red fruit

Carolina Gold-large orange fruit

Early Girl-early red midsize fruit

Indigo Rose -golf ball size eye catching purplish brown

Lemon Boy -bright yellow fruit

Mountain Fresh-midsize red fruit

Mountain Magic-larger red cherry

Orange Zinger-crack tolerant oval orange cherry

Sugary-dark pink oblong fruit ver sweet

Sun Sugar-orange cherry

Sweet Hearts-grape size red very productive

Sweet Million-very tall staking variety masses of red fruit

Yellow tumbler- hanging variety yellow fruit



Heirloom Varieties

___Cherry Size-    Black Cherry- 1″ fruit blackest  colo

Green Grape- yellow/green

Yellow Pear-bright yellow pear shaped

___Paste/Sauce- Plum Shape-

Amish paste-long heart shape

Bellstar-earlier large plum shape

San Marzano-medium size plum


Black Krim-dark with green shoulders

Black Prince-reddish/brown

Cherokee Purple-large dusty rose



Boxcar Willie-round  large red

Brandywine-large reddish pink

Basinga-large pale yellow fruit

Druzba-medium size round  good weather toleranc

Moneymaker-smaller  round fruit very prolific

Mortgage Lifter-pinkish purple large meaty

Black from Tula-unique large dark purplish brown color

Bloody Butcher-clustersof 2″red fruit

Dr. Wyches Yellow-very large orange fruit

German Pink-very large almost seedless pinkish red fruit

Grightmires Pride-high yields of nearly seedless pinkish red fruit very large

Kellogs Breakfast-large orange beefsteak variety

NIPS-red pear shaped fruit

Old German -large flat yellow fruit with red centers

Oxheart-large bright pink heart shaped fruit

Ponderosa Pink-solid large pinkish red with low acid content

Purple Russian -egg shaped purplish fruit

Black Plum-golf ball size blackish plum fruit

Broad Ripple Current-tiny bright yellow cuurant size fruit

Siderno Hybrid-cherry size well suited to pots

Taxi- smaller yellow fruit less acid smaller plant

Cucumbers – pickling or long variety                       Remainder of veggy transplants  sold in 4 paks for 3.00

Zucchini-yellow or green


Lettuces -red leaf, green leaf, romaine




Brussel sprouts

Swiss Chard